Our Practice

Why choose Active Hearing Health?

We are generous with our time, flexible with our schedule, and we value your success!  We are locally owned and operated.  This means our patients are also our neighbors and our friends.  We understand that hearing is essential and we understand not hearing well is a communication emergency, so we are committed to being available to our patients.

We provide personal care.  There is a big difference between our practice and the one-size-fits all solutions that you find at big-box stores. Every person is different, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that everyone’s hearing loss and needs are different too.  We take the time to listen to your needs and accurately assess your communication function so we can promise our solutions will exceed your expectations.

We are driven by results and data.  Improving hearing is part art and part science.  The science comes first by completing an accurate and thorough hearing test with a full communication needs assessment.  We then perform REAL EAR MEASURES (REMs), which ensures the devices are programmed perfectly for the hearing loss and the size and shape of each individual ear.  This is the only test in audiology that accounts for each person’s individual ear anatomy and is required to certify an accurate hearing aid fit. Next is the art.  All hearing aids should be comfortable, reliable, and easy to use.  Additionally, how a device performs in testing does not always accurately reflect how it performs in your own home, work, or social settings. Thus, we include courtesy follow-ups with all of our fittings so we can fully support you as you adjust back to hearing well.

We are exceptional at listening to our patients.  We take into consideration your lifestyle, listening, and budget needs.  This approach allows us to partner with you to achieve your long-term goals.  We are happy to reprogram your existing technology or we can discuss new options.   Our extensive experience in treating hearing loss also allows us to make right adjustments the first time if any new concerns should arise.