Hearing Consultation

You Need a Hearing Consultation because

Better Hearing = Better health.  

Untreated hearing loss is highly correlated with a host of other problematic health issues: cognitive decline, depression, diabetes, and heart disease, to name a few. Hearing loss is a hidden disability. You can’t see it, but you will notice it in those you love because they disengage in conversations, withdraw from gatherings, and miss the punch lines of jokes.  

You don’t have to live with hearing loss: It’s often easily treatable, and effective treatment can help slow the progression of further hearing loss. If you’re concerned you or a loved one may have hearing loss, don’t wait. Make your appointment for a hearing consultation and discover what options are available for treatment!

Hearing loss facts:

  • It’s the third most experienced physical condition for adults worldwide. Right now, an estimated 48 million Americans are suffering from a decrease in hearing. That’s 1 out of 5 people, many of whom go untreated. By age 65, 1 out of 3 people will experience hearing loss.
  • Hearing loss can affect people of all ages.
  • Hearing loss risks increase with age, and individuals over 60 should seek annual check-ups to catch and diagnose hearing problems early.
  • Those with untreated hearing loss are at three times greater risk of falling!
  • Your friends and family typically notice your hearing loss long before you realize it’s a problem.  

What is a Hearing Consultation?

This visit begins with a thorough case history so we may fully understand the hearing difficulties you face. We inspect your ears using video otoscopy, a camera that goes into your ear so you can see the inside of your ear canal and eardrum. We then thoroughly assess your hearing inside a sound booth so we can accurately measure the softest sounds you can hear. We also evaluate your ability to process speech in quiet and in noise. The appointment concludes with a detailed report of the findings and recommendations for treatment in language you can understand. We then send a courtesy report to your physician because including your physician in any health assessment is important. Everyone needs to establish a baseline for their hearing at least once in adulthood. Don’t wait; make your appointment for your hearing consultation now!

Hearing Consultation Process

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