Real Ear Measurements

Real Ear Measurements (REMs) Services in Omaha

Real Ear Measurements:

Real Ear Measurements (REMs) are extremely important in the hearing aid fitting process. We complete these measures on every hearing aid we fit.  This is important to know because the American Academy of Audiology estimates REMs are done in less than 30% of clinics. We believe REMs are vital for success so we are proud to let our patients know REMs will be a part of their fitting process! 

What exactly are REMs?

REMs are done by positioning a probe tube microphone deep into the ear canal so the sound at the eardrum can be measured. This is vital for an accurate hearing aid fit because we need to know how much sound is getting to the eardrum.  The position of how the hearing aid fits into the ear canal, the overall size of the hearing aid and its vent, and the anatomy of each individual patient’s ear canal can greatly change how much sound reaches the ear drum.  REMs allow us to account for all those variables and ensure the hearing aids are programmed perfectly for each person’s hearing loss and each person’s ear canal.