Funding Options

Insurance: We are able to access many insurance benefits. Contact us if you want to know if you have a hearing aid benefit. We are able to find out and thus keep you from sitting on hold with your insurance company.

Financing: We partner with Wells Fargo Healthcare Advantage to offer multiple interest free and low interest financing options.  We have payment plan options to fit every budget.

Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation: We proudly partner with NE Vocational Rehabilitation to provide working Nebraskans low cost but highly featured options to improve their hearing. 

HearU Nebraska: We work with HearU to provide hearing aids to Nebraska’s pediatric population at little or no cost to their families.

Hike Fund: This is a long-established fund that provides qualified pediatric applicants a grant to cover the cost of hearing aids.  

Hear Now Foundation: This Foundation provides hearing aids to qualified applicants for a minimal copay.  The devices are sent to our office and we fit them on a volunteer basis.

Third party payers: We work with multiple third party payers in order to access hearing aids at discounted rates for patients who are participating in qualified insurance plans. Contact us and we can let you know if your insurance has a third party contractor.  

Reconditioned aids: These are aids that have been reconditioned and certified by the manufacturer and often come with a warranty.  Since they are reconditioned, they are offered at a very steep discount.